Madhatters Community Theatre, Inc.

Acting Out Since 1954!


Have you always wanted to be on stage?  Many shows have small parts where you can participate and hone your craft! Watch for Upcoming Events that would match your level of interest, and then come to auditions and give it a try. We are always looking for new talent and the involvement of community members.


We very much appreciate our volunteers for Madhatters.  Some volunteers get involved for just one show, others volunteer for a time period, such as six months or a year. Skills that are useful include:  graphic arts, photography, organizational skills, marketing, grant writing, promotions, public relations, ticket sales, artistic directing, choreography, hair and make up, having a willingness to learn, or having an interest in theatre. If you would like to become involved, we would love to hear from you. Watch for Upcoming Events and contact the Madhatters with your interest. We are also appreciative of our present board members and can also use advisors or board members who have legal, accounting, or visionary skills. From dreamers to doers, we welcome your participation.


Have you wanted to become a valuable member of a team that gets things done and makes visions a reality? Skills that are helpful in producing a show would include sound technicians, lighting, sewing, painting, building, and props. Develop your creative side by watching the Upcoming Events and contact us with your interest. You can be involved in as little as a few evenings of work, or as much as the entire rehearsal and performance timeline – usually about six to eight weeks. The choice is yours!


As a non-profit organization, we count on the generous support of foundations and individuals. Our 501 C3 status means your contribution is tax-deductible. You can use our handy DONATE button above to make an online contribution, or mail your checks, payable to Madhatters Inc., to: P.O. Box 127 Wadena, MN 56482.


Have you seen a performance that you enjoyed? Or perhaps your child or grandchild has been involved in Madhatters Drama Camp. You can write a general letter of support and state how important the Madhatters events are to you or your family. Such letters help us obtain further funding from our funding agencies. Send your general letters of support to: P.O. Box 127 Wadena, MN 56482. And don’t forget to spread the word about events with your families and friends!  Use your phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media method you use to connect! We appreciate the help.